Sunday Connection Groups


Balancing Opportunities & Life’s Demands
Conversation.  Conversation about what the scripture might have meant back then so that it might help us to understand what it might mean to us now.  Just a group of everyday people - various stages of life, various jobs, all seeking.  Facilitators: Andy and Lisa Remack; Location: Mid-County Site (1st & 2nd Sundays) and South-City Site (3rd, 4th, & 5th Sundays)

Connections focuses on reading Scripture and discerning its meaning for our lives today in fellowship with one another. Facilitators: Marvin and Donna Pyron; Location: Great Room 3

Adult Relationships
This group seeks to associate faith with daily issues. Different class members lead the discussion.
Facilitator: Gene Sehl; Location: Great Room 2

The Open Table
Learn more about the Bible while experiencing friends and fellowship! Facilitator: Cliff and Shelia Sledge; Location: Great Room