Connections is a great place for you to learn about God, grow in relationships with others, and serve.  A variety of types and meeting times are available.  For more information about joining a Connecitons Group or if you'd like to start a new group contact Rev. Sheila Bouie-Sledge.

Interest/Sport Connection Groups

Midweek Connection Groups

Sunday Connection Groups

Women's Connection Groups

Why should I participate in a Connections Group?
1) Learn: the connection between two ideas

To be a follower of Christ is to be a continual learner. Often learning in groups is the best way to go. Connections gives you the opportunity to meet with others to explore questions of faith and life.

2) Grow: a relation of personal intimacy
The Bible states that no one was created to be alone. We all crave personal intimacy with other people. Connections provides a stable environment where friendships begin and can flourish. God asks us to love Him first, but our neighbors are a close second!

3) Serve: execute orders or advance interests of others
God calls us to be His hands and feet. We are to “execute and advance the interests” of His Kingdom—a Kingdom based on the principle of Love. There is no better way to serve God than with your friends. Service is an intricate part of the Connections experience.