UMW Information

What is a UMW Circle?
A Circle is a small group of women within the UMW who meet monthly September through May for fellowship and mission. Currently there are four circles who meet on the 4th Tuesday morning of the month, either at the church or in members’ homes.

What happens at a typical circle meeting?
Circle meetings last approximately 90 minutes. A typical meeting includes:
Gathering and social time, including coffee and a snack
Devotion and prayer concerns
Business-planning mission projects or fundraisers
Program-Programs vary with each circle meeting. Examples of programs are: book review and discussion, outside speaker who is associated with a mission agency or who is an expert on a topic such as parenting, home organization, women’s health issues; Bible study; or a “field trip” to visit a nursing home, local mission, or even the Art Museum.

Why should I join a Circle?
Being part of a UMW Circle provides you with the opportunity to make lasting, Christian friendships and to strengthen your faith. You will also find many ways to serve in the mission of the church through the UMW whether it is through participating in fundraising efforts or finding avenues into hands-on, face-to-face service.

United Methodist Women is a great way to experience faith building, help with mission work, and find friends.

What is the UMW Unit?
The UMW unit consists of all of the circle members in one congregation and also women who are not part of a circle but wish to be considered members-at-large.

When does the Salem UMW Unit meet?
There are four Unit Meetings (October December, February, and April) each year that are typically held at 10:30 am on the second Tuesday of the month at the church. Lunch is usually served at noon and costs around $10. These meetings consist of business, program, and lunch. We have had as our program entertainment by a musical group, talk on Fair Trade, historical interpretation by an actress, fashion show, etc-something for everyone.

The entire UMW Unit also gathers on designated days in the fall to make apple pies for fundraising. There is also one additional meeting in May which is either a luncheon or a Day Apart, (a one-day retreat). For more information about upcoming Unit Meetings please contact the church office (314) 991-0546, or numbers listed below, or watch for information in our Salem Crossroads newsletter published each week.

United Methodist Women is a great way to experience faith building, help with mission work, and find friends.