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Serving Others

Lessons in Serving God


Serve Each other with love.  - Galatians 5:1

Hi Parents,


We are talking about service for the month of AUGUST in our nursery classes!!!


Service is so important to the lives of children. When we serve we see just how valuable we are to God, our families, and communities. Children are never too young to lend a helping hand. Children are never too young to love and care about others.


This month we will be talking about people in the Bible that saw and found ways that they could help others.



August 6 - Naaman was healed because a little girl told him of a prophet of God that could heal Naaman’s body.  Like that little girl we are never too young to serve God.


August 13 - Deborah served God by helping Barak when he felt afraid. She helped him by encouraging and supporting him.  Like Deborah, we can help by being good friends and praying for people we love.



August 20 - Elijah served God by helping a widow and her son have food to eat.  Like Elijah we can help by giving and sharing of what we have.


August 27 - Miriam, Moses’ big sister, served God by looking after her baby brother. Like Miriam, we can serve God by helping our parents care for younger siblings, pets, or small chores around the house.


We are never too young to be helpers. God sees us as important. No matter how young we are, we can serve God. Serving God makes God proud.


Serving Ideas for Toddlers…

  • Color a picture for someone that is sick.
  • Help set up the table before a meal
  • Help clean off the table after a meal

May this month be filled with new joys and fun as you and your little one venture into 

service for God. God is most proud when we give the best of ourselves to Him and to those he puts us in contact with.






Twearnier Wafford, Nursery Coordinator