We're Meeting and Connecting ONLINE!  





Multiple online groups are now being offered online. This is one of the ways we seek to continue to help our church engage in relationships while still following social distancing advice during the COVID-19 virus.  Everyone is welcome at any of these meetings, with no registration required.  If you have questions please contact the group leader or email the church office at info@salemstlouis.com.

These groups are meeting through a website/app called ZOOM. Simply go to Zoom, or download the Zoom app, a few minutes before your study begins, click the button in the upper right corner that says “JOIN A MEETING,” and enter the information belowYou can also join a Zoom meeting through the downloadable app on your smartphone. Click here for help.  Zoom has released a software update.  Please update your computer or app before May 30.  Click here to update now.


Salem Confirmation Class // Tuesdays, 6:30 pm // Meeting ID: 915400296
Contact Info: Pastor Sean McIntyre, E: sean@salemstlouis.com

Salem Youth Group // Tuesdays, 6:00-6:40 pm // Meeting ID: 110085958 or click here
Contact Info: Nick Savage, E: nick@salemstlouis.com
Salem Student Ministries - Doubt (Weeks 3 and 4): is an online experience on Tuesday evenings (6-12th grade)  where students virtually gather for small group time.  This group is free and open to all students.

The Connection Youth Group // Thursdays, 6:00 pm // Meeting ID: 417905904
or click here
Contact Info: Reggie Moore, E: reggie@salemstlouis.com


Salem Kids Connect // Sundays, 11:00 am // Meeting ID: 236625461 or click here
Contact Info: Nick Savage, E: nick@salemstlouis.com
On Sunday mornings Kids (e)Connect offers fun, experiential, and engaging learning opportunities for all ages. Children learn through a variety of age appropriate activities about God's love and the Bible, and they have tons of fun too!

The Connection // Sundays, 11:00 am // Meeting ID: 601528347 or click here
Contact Info: Reggie Moore, E: reggie@salemstlouis.com


Marvin's Connections Group & Adult Relationships Group // 11:00 am // Meeting ID: 568576340 // Password: 901530 or click here
Contact Info: Pastor Marvin Pyron

Call In Instructions
Note:  This is a long distance call and they may incur usage and/or long distance charges depending upon your phone plan. When the meeting is scheduled please call (415) 762-9988.  You  will be prompted to enter the meeting number 568576340 followed by #, then another #, and finally the meeting passcode which is 901530#.  The meeting host will need to admit them just like the others.  The host can mute/unmute them or the participant can mute or unmute themselves by pressing *6.  If they call in before the host, they will be prompted to wait or call back.


Mom's Group // 8:00 pm // Meeting ID: 542708943 // Password 273678 or click here
Contact Info: Pastor Katrina Drew, E: katrina@salemstlouis.com
Moms of children birth to age 18 are invited to join!

Book Discussion // 1:00 pm // Meeting ID: 744018135 // Password: 694292 or click here

Contact Info: Pastor Deb LeMoine, E: deb@salemstlouis.com
Pastor Deb LeMoine will host a weekly book discussion based on Barbara Brown Taylor's book "An Altar in the World" which focuses on seeing the sacred in our everyday lives. We'll read one chapter per week.

Women’s Bible Group //  9:00 am // Meeting ID: 602532181

Contact Info:  Liz Rea, E: reasatsalem@gmail.comFeel free to join us for weekly Bible passage reading and discussion, rooted across various OT & NT books.  Currently studying Luke.  Will rotate between book studies and Christian author studies throughout the year.

Men's Bible Study // 6:30 pm // Meeting ID: 254184267 // Password: 040240 or click here
Contact Info: Pastor Tim Power, E: tim@salemstlouis.com

The Story of the Bible // 7:00 am // Meeting ID: 4998010031 or click here
Contact Info: Pastor Sean McIntyre, E: sean@salemstlouis.com
Do you want to understand better what is in the Bible? Are there parts of the bible that you avoid, because you don’t really understand what’s happening? You aren’t alone! Join me on an overviewing (not overwhelming) journey of what is happening in the biblical narrative from beginning to end. You will NOT walk away having read every word in the Bible, but you WILL have a better understanding of the Bible as a whole and how it all works together to tell God’s story and ours. 

Friday Women's Bible Study // 9:30 am
Contact Info: Kate Fox, E: kate.fox.82@gmail.com

Directions for joining a scheduled Zoom Meeting:

  • Before the scheduled time: download the Zoom App (on Desktop, Mobile, or Tablets) so that you have the software.
  • Recommended: Try out a “Test” meeting at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115002262083-Joining-a-test-meeting
  • Plan to be in a quiet place, not moving, and with headphones, if possible, to give the highest quality sound.
  • When the meeting is scheduled, follow the link provided by Salem or your group leader in the e-mail – this should automatically open up the already installed Zoom App. There will be a Meeting number and a password to input to be sure you’re matched with the correct meeting.
  • If you’re too early, there’s a chance no one else is on the call yet- be patient, or contact your Group/Meeting Leader for help.


Leaders: Click Here to Learn How to use Zoom

Zoom Cheat Sheet for Leaders