Resources For Your Little Ones

For children one year and up . . .

1) Musical Prayers instead of the normal prayer. You can sing your prayers to God. Here are some times that you can include a musical prayer . . . meals, family devotion, bedtime, etc.

2) Photoshoot/Scavenger Hunt It’s time to find some things that God give us to show us He loves us . . . Find some items inside the house and outside of the house. Make a list of these things. They can be silly things, fun things, and important things like the Bible or a family photo, Instead of removing these things from their places. Take a picture of them and create a slideshow from the pictures.

3) Video Chat Family Devotion Time: Invite a family member to sing a few songs of praise and to read a story together as a family. You can set it up at a certain time and meet to enjoy God together. If your family doesn’t regularly have family devotion, I highly recommend it. It is family time enjoy and learn about Jesus together.

4) Create a Rainbow meal together Plan a meal together that includes all the colors of the rainbow. Prepare the meal together. This would be an awesome time for a little photo op.

5) Color a Picture Take a picture of the coloring. Give them a number such as five and ask them what “five” people they would like to send it to. Send it to those people with a little message from your child. Ask them what they would like to say to each person. Then send the message. (Just as they say it–It’s super cute!)

For ages 0-12 months . . .

1) Dancing for Jesus together Hold baby to chest and dance to songs with different tempos. See video below for some songs samples.

2) Grab Baskets Fill a basket with interesting “baby safe” toys and objects of different colors shapes and textures and sounds. Babies can be very curious and often enjoy the non-toy items more than the toys.

3) I Spy (Body Edition) Spy body parts, and if the old enough have them point to them. If they still need a little help with it. Say “I Spy” . . . Then point to the thing you spy.